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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things, and I'm no Financial Advisor, just lucky." ~ The Bloody Raven,

I’m going have to keep this simple and disceet.
I do love the cute little 1-ounce sized silver bars so I have a little collection happening. Yet, they can still play a part in my Precious metals Stacking Strategy.
While my 5- and 10-Ounce bars have a dual purpose; serving as my first resort liquidation choice to avoid liquidating my core holdings of Maple Leaves, and alternatively as a silver/gold ratio play should that opportunity present itself.

Ohio Precious Metals 1 Troy Ounce Bar
Lettering; OPM
1 OUNCE TROY 0.9995 (Fine silver)
50mm x 30mm x 2mm
Mintage not Published

Back; Lettering; Ohio Precious Metals, LLC
Back; Recycled Symbol, “From Recycled sources”

The smaller bars were originally intended as a non-cash settlement within that bullion only exchange should the final ratio after fees say… 36:1 for the exchange. The equivalent of 3x 10 oz, 1x 5 oz, and 1x 1oz Silver bars for a one Ounce gold bar. Simple.

I may not elect to do that but I like to have that option should I feel that I have to adjust my Silver:Gold Stack at the time.
As I get older, I would shift to accumulating more gold. A means of making the overall stack less volatile.

Highland Mint 1 Troy oz. Morgan Dollar Silver Bar
Front; Morgan Dollar Facsimile, 1
Lettering; One Troy Ounce, Fine Silver, 999+, Made in U.S.A. HM
50mm x 30mm x 2mm
Mintage not published

Back; Diamond pattern

These four bars do represent part of a growing collection, in itself. I have been picking them up one at a time from previous coin shows and visits to my Local Coin Shop as an inexpensive little add on to the haul.

Perhaps there was a little bit of influence from and credit to @stokjockey’s never ending silver bar collection I’ve come to admire as his in-depth knowledge of that subject.

Sunshine Mint 1 Troy Oz. bar
Front; Sunshine Mint Logo,
50mm x 30mm x 2mm
Mintage not published

Back; Rising Sun Pattern, Security Feature

Other than the vintage Johnson Matthey bar I considered the remaining 1-ounce bars most expendable. I don’t know for sure if it’d come down trading off the NTR or the OPM bar since they are no longer being made.

Neither is my Northwest Territorial Mint.
Scottsdale bar? Nah, I like the logo too much.

Johnson Matthey 1 Troy Oz. Silver Bar
Front; JM Corporate Logo
FINE SILVER 999, 1 OUNCE TROY, Serial number
50mm x 30mm x 2mm

Back; JM Corporate logos
Mintage of under 1,000,000

Looks like I may have to re-evaluate the role of this aspect of my stack.
I do enjoy seeing the different minters and do have a few favorites.
I still enjoy handling, touching, and feeling the weight in my hand.
I enjoy the warm distinct ring as I tap together those without seals. So sexy.

The Back View
If you are a Stacker, do you have a favorite?

I hope yea enjoyed my little private silver boudoir

And, thank you for dropping in!

The #silverpornsaturday tag is one of many strategic tags hatched by none other than the TAG MASTER @silverd510 to take over all the social block chains one post at a time. Give into your metals desires and salaciously reveal your sexy silver porn.


Web: Ohio Precious Metals
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Web; Silver.com Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey mintage from allengelhard.com
6 inch black Platform Pumps; Pour La Victoire, Thrift store find for $1.99


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

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