The New Cent Tribe: My 2 Cents Anas Cash Colones Pfennig Stotinkas or Centavos

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

Two weeks ago I came across an eye-catching post with the image of a prone penny jar with it’s hoard of shiny, and not so shiny, copper pennies spread all over a countertop.

Every household practically has a penny jar whose sole purpose is to accumulate low value coins until someone had the time and energy to take the jar to a local self-serve Coin counting machine which happens to be located at a supermarket. A receipt is issued, reimbursed at the checkout and funds are spent back into the economy. Practical everyday commerce.

Mexico Centavos

I usually check the Coin Reject bin and I do find ‘Non-compliant’ coins. Click Here from various countries.

But back to the original subject, Hive’s new Tribe #CENT. Especially for the #silvergoldstackers Community if you guys have some extra TAG room on your coin posts to consider adding the #cent tag.

Canadian Penny

What is CENT about?

It is the brainchild of administrator @anadolu, a community focused on subjects related to economics like; Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, International and domestic? economics, home economics (this would be up @silversaver888’s alley), GDP components like agricultural, labor, tourism economics. And democracy. Then there are the deeper topics that make my own head spin; Investment, Finance, Defi and more.

Tribe Website:

Qing Dynasty Cash

Automatically there will be some overlap with Leofinance's niche but with more the basics, organic feel and everyday practicality. And hopefully more in a laypersons language that is understandable for me. I didn’t do very well in college level economics anyway and at the time bore little relation to my Nursing training.

Feeling my way around the posts I had to find out how would we of the #silvergoldstackers could fit in a Relevant Cent post


There we go. At least gold and silver is a relevant subject under the guidelines discussed and with the policies still being a work in progress at this time. Subject relevance will be politely enforced so don’t expect me to write about my 2021 spaghetti squash crop under the CENT tag.

Indian Anna

CENT, the native token

What’s a tribe without a token? A distinguishing difference is that this token will act as a stable coin at the nominal value of $0.01 USD or about 0.03 Hive give or take. I’m not sure how it’s done but I am just starting out with an initial 600 CENT staked on Hive-Engine to give this tribe a little test drive.

Here are some Cent Token details from the Admin himself.

CENT on Hive Engine:

Members of the #silvergoldstackers, Preppers, Coin collectors, Stacking pirates, Stackitis patients or those with an Economics bent, please check it out and give #CENT for your own appraisal. I’m Not Financial advisor, just lucky, but at least I have a place where I can post my penny collection.

CENT Community on HIVE:
Or with Peakd:

2021 $5 1 Troy oz. Silver Maple Leafs

I seldom post midweek but a penny for your thoughts...

Thank you, for dropping in for a read.


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