CUBLIFE (CL) - Weekly report #5

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Hello LBI'ers, It's Friday so that means it's CUBLIFE day. The market over the past week is down a few percent and CUB is down as well so in the big picture we earned more CUB, fewer dollars and almost the same LEO. For the week it's been in crypto, this is not a bad result for us. BTW I can't upload pictures for some reason, I can only copy/paste URL's from old HIVE/LEO posts and that works but no tables/charts this week.

After splitting the harvested CUB's up, I've put our 40% reinvestment into the BNB/ETH kingdom. This will be the one I'll be focusing on for the next 3-6 weeks to build up a half-decent balance that earns enough to harvest once a week, fewer transactions fewer fees. I know people think you should harvest and re-stake every day and that works if you're earning $30+ a day but if your only earning $2 a day, paying a 30-40 cent fee is a lot of your profits hence to reason to want to big bigger pots instead of many.

Here is how the wallet is sitting. Sorry, I can not upload pictures so this week table is more of a bunch of lines. I guess something is wrong with the frontends.

We are not able to pull up pancake LP's so I can't actually get an accurate value of the kingdom LP's. I think kingdoms (vaults) cant be tracked (yet), I've never been able to find something like howmuchismyip to display this information. If you know how to check and see a live price, please do share below.


            Week #  5

Holding’s Held Current APY % of wallet Leo Value $ Value
BLEO/BNB 0.000006165 87.89% 43.58% 13,475.56 $4,190.90
CUB/BUSD 2901.081 195.36% 45.10% 13,947.65 $4,337.72
CUB/BNB 26.526 170.60% 7.69% 2,379.07 $739.89
CUB 250 70.64% 1.36% 420.87 $130.89
BNB/BUSD LP 3.132 55.69% 1.14% 352.35 $109.58
BNB/ETH LP 0.053 70.31% 1.06% 327.97 $102.00
BNB in wallet 0.0187 0.00% 0.07% 21.41 $6.66
Total 30,924.88 $9,617.64
+/- last week -9.23% -4.31%

Earning’s Leo Value $ Value CL Issued 17,480.46
Total CUB Harvested 488.58 791.00 $254.06 CL LEO value 1.77
CUB Converted to bLEO 293.00 475.00 $152.36 CL HIVE value 1.42
CUB Reinvested 195.58 316.00 $101.70 CL $ value $0.55
LEO Dividend Pot 395.83 395.83 $123.10 Wallet APY 137.84%
LEO LBI operator fee 65.97 65.97 $20.52 CL token APY 68.92%

Sorry about this presentation but I dont have time to wait for this problem is fix, I tried on both peakd and Leo frontends and pictures are not uploading.

Anyways, the rundown is we harvested 488 CUB. 293 get converted to 475 LEO. 195 get converted to BNB/ETH. From the 475 LEO sent to @cublife, 65 are sent to LBI and 395 are paid out to CL tokens holders. This week APY is 68.92%

Monthly Group buy

This months group buy will end on the 20th and newly minted CL tokens will be sent out on the 21st. Feel free to send HIVE and LEO to @cublife to be involved with this months buy. The current price of CL is HIVE is 1.42 and 1.77 LEO. This price will change for sure by the 20th but it gives you ballpark numbers of what they are priced at.

I think only 2 people are involved so far, @ykretz and @successchar. Again I cant post up the buying table but I am tracking and checking the account.


I think I might write a whole post just on my thoughts, tactics and gameplay for defi. I think sometimes when I write what I plan to do with LBI are CUBLIFE, people dont see my angle so writing up a big post explaining the way I go about and view things will help both LBI and CUBLIFE tokens holders understand my actions a little better. As an example, you might see me staking BTC on Celsius and earning 3.5% and think that's a waste but you'll not consider all the risky stuff we'll be involved with that pays out over 100% APY. That BTC could be earning 30%+ on a farm but that BTC could get rugged, hacked&stolen or I might F up the transaction and send it to the wrong wallet address or the wrong blockchain and puff, away with the wind. When's it gone, you'd be happy to have it earning 3.5% in a very centralized and regulated company. That's not everyone's cup of tea but not everyone is in charge of other people funds.

Anyways, I think I'll write up a post about how I go about defi and my thinking. Dont expect to learn anything, it'll be me talking about all my successes and the techniques are plans I used and none of my failures.

As for CUBlife this week, im happy with the results. Even with the big crypto pump, we had yesterday the market overall is still down 7 days ago and our dividends payments have held up better then expected. Payout tonight!

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