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Tis the season to be buying.

CUBLIFE is expanding with each passing month. We hit that time when the project sends out CUBLIFE for to those who purchased throughout the month. Of course, this also means greater investment in the different Cubfinance pools that we are building.

We will start with a look at the present holdings. The chart is broken down to both LEO and USD values. For being such a new project, we are doing well with over $10,000 in value. Of course, it doesn't help that the markets are down overall.


Next we have the value broken down. This is done by dividing the number of CUBLIFE into the total LEO and USD value. Another category is added to show the value per CUBLIFE in HIVE.


Here are the purchases that were made, paid for in both Hive and LEO. The CUBLIFE was distributed. (If anyone is not on the list but should be, please DM @sliverstackeruk)



In all, 442.09 CUBLIFE were minted. This is representative of the holdings that are presently on Cubfinance.

@lbi-token is based upon the "Get Rich Slowly" concept. However, with the returns that we are seeing, people are finding that slowly is a relative term.

The APY we are seeing is incredible. Those who are adding to their positions, if these rates remain in place, will see their holdings growing that much quicker.

According to the latest weekly report, here is what the APY for CUBLIFE looks so far.


Outside the first week, we are consistently over the 70% mark. Obviously there is a great deal of volatility at the moment, which is not surprising considering all the changes Cubfinance is making as well as the bouncing of the token price.

Nevertheless, it is unlikely that we see a 70+% return forever. So while it lasts, we certainly will enjoy it. Getting money in the bank in the early stages is always a healthy thing to do. Over time, the compounding effect will take over.

It is important to remember that Lbi-token benefits from this project also. Being the "parent" to CUBLIFE, the administering of the projects nets a payout to LBI also. Hence, all those who have LBI tokens in addition to CUBLIFE are benefitting on that end also.

Therefore, many of us are finding our payouts coming as well as the value of LBI increasing due to CUBLIFE.

Each week, we keep seeing returns coming to us via the CUBLIFE project. This is helping our individual wallets as well as the holdings of LBI.

To all those who bought the past month, the tokens should be in your wallet.

Now we will start accumulating purchases for next month's buy. Until next time, enjoy the rewards.

Article written by @taskmater4450le.

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