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Hello, LBIer's. Great news for us, the price of LBI's have gone over 2 LEO per token for the first time. 3 weeks before we finish our first full year and can you believe it? The token value has doubled since launch and we've been issuing dividends for the past 3-4 months on top. We've all seen that HIVE has been doing a madness and this is what boosted the token price as we have 10k HIVE. It's just been booming like crazy the past 2-3 days in particular.


How do we use our 10k HIVE POWER for?

Leasing it to leo.voter to get LEO of course, what else? Let me tell you what else. When the price of HIVE increase's faster than LEO's, we get more LEO every day from leo.voter. People see the HIVE price of LEO drop to under 0.2 HIVE and think LEO is bleeding but it's $ value over the past week has increased around 12%.
I update the delegation each week on Saturdays to ensure we are getting full value out of our HIVE holdings. I really like the set-up this provides and 16% based on HIVE paid in LEO is an excellent service. I am not sure if you get upvotes from the account are not, I see we get them sometimes if im checking but no idea if that's part of the deal when delegating. We're in it for the daily LEO payouts, plus its set and forget 😁

When 3 LEO LBI tokens?

I'd think we are a ways off yet but getting from 2 to 3 is easier then 1 to 2 cause we would only need to increase by 50% instead of 100%. With that said, chances are the LBI token will drop to under 2 LEO per token again for 1 of 2 of both of these reasons. The price of LEO could increase to 40-50 cents, this would give LEO more dominance over our total holdings and decreases the LEO price of the LBI token or HIVE has been on a crazy run and I think a pullback would be in the books. If HIVE drops, then LEO is more dominant over total holdings and with the same result, the LEO price of LBI goes down.

With things moving along this quickly we could see 3 LEO per LBI in year 2. Im thinking the current bull run will end sometime next year and if I can sell off some kingdoms and split the money between preserving some profits and staking more LEO. I would like to increase the LBI base price.


The LBI base price is something I've made up in my head, maybe it could be called the floor price but I call it the base price. This is the absolute minimum price the LBI token can go to. So here are hows its worked out, it's dead easy. I like to keep things simple.

We divided the amount of LEO we have staked by the number of LBI in circulation. We dont count liquid LEO, hive-wallets wallet, BSC wallet, only staked LEO. Why? No idea other than im looking the absolute minimum price LBI could hypothetically be.

LEO staked - 251,279
LBI circulating - 233,097

LBI base price - 1.08 LEO

It would be nice to get that number to at least 1.25 LEO during year 2. Like I said it's just a made-up stat I think about. I think about increasing the stat and this tricks me into converting other holdings into LEO. We've all know it's hard to let go when it comes to our crypto holdings so you can trick yourself into doing things. If the reward is getter than the loss, you cant lose. The get to this base price on today's circulating supply, we need to add 35,200 more LEO which would give us a staked LEO balance of 286,500 and increase curation income by 13% or 110-150 LEO per week. At today's prices, that's around $9,850 which is around 2/3 of the value of our farm and kingdom holdings but as with most things, timing is key and I think we can get a better spot down the road in a few months as these are still compounding down as well.

There you have it, LBI has crossed the milestone of 2 LEO per token even if it could be brief. It is oblivious to say but a few might be thinking do the content team get their rewards as the price has gone over 2 LEO per LBI and the answer is no. It would have to remain at over 2 LEO for around 4 weeks before it would happen and I dont see it. The same happened at 1.20 and 1.50, it bounced over and under a bunch of times, this is why I wait to issue those to ensure they are issued at a stable LBI price compared to a market pump price like a 120% pump in the past 3 days HIVE has been on pushing the LBI token price up.

Current LBI token price in LEO and $


As a play about and to show you what would happen to the LBI token price of LEO were to be $10 today are in the future.


You see the LBI LEO price would be 1.1 LEO but the $ value up way more. This would be because our off-platform holding would be worth nothing compared to our LEO holdings and represent a single-digit percentage of even. I like to play about with numbers and day dream


Anyways, well done and thank you to everyone that has been with us from the start for joining in anytime up until now. We're earning a bunch of LEO each week, our off platforms holdings job as a hedge against LEO is working out ok for now and we have great support from our token holders. Coming up on year 1 end, we're doing just fine. We've not done anything amazing, just been consistent with what we do do. That's everyone from the content and gov teams to our coder to our investors that leave feedback on posts and also upvote our posts to increase our weekly earnings should the content be worthy of course.

Have a great rest of your day and well done once more

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