The Attention Coming To Hive?

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Here is a situation that could really help things going forward.

We know the attention that @splinterlands was able to generate over the last few months. The number of users they were able to sign up was truly amazing. They waned a bit of late but it is still very impressive.

Here we have a chart from PeakMonsters:


Naturally, most of these accounts, the human ones, are gamers and not likely to drift too much outside that area. However, the more people that are on Hive, the better it is for @lbi-token.

This is a project that is built on Hive that focuses its attention on the Leofinance platform. We are seeing a lot of things taking place, with roll outs going in many directions. Presently, the LEO price is down but some of that is due to the run HIVE is on.

Nevertheless, as more people find their way to Hive, that should help Leofinance and, in turn, LBI.

We all know some of the projects that are on tap. One of the most exciting is #ProjectBlank. This is something we heard about earlier in the year, and are still waiting on it. It is a project that is being worked upon with much of the development now being the infrastructure needed for that application.

Here is what was stated about it from the latest developer update from @leofinance:

Speaking of Project Blank, we're expecting some big news by the end of 2021.

ProjectBlank development relies heavily on LeoMobile, Lightning and LeoInfra. The combination of these 3 projects along with the 4th (____) is what makes ProjectBlank.

We're extremely excited to unveil these plans and more as we approach December. 🦁

A lot of the development over the last 3 months was in this direction. Much of the foundation is going into place, preparing us for release. We will see when details emerge about the project.

Why is this exciting?

Ultimately, it comes down to users. ProjectBlank has the potential to attract a ton of users to Hive. Unlike Splinterlands, which is appealing to gamers, this application will get live people who like to post stuff online. While it is going to be a general purpose application, there is going to be a percentage of them who like cryptocurrency and financial information.

In other words, it becomes a feeder system for Leofinance. This is a way to get more people to the platform which should help LBI. If we see the number of monthly users triple or quadruple, a portion of them could become LBI holders.

As we can see, it is all a numbers game. This is akin to the proverbial sales funnel. The opening of the funnel is filled with prospects which leaders to sales resulting on the other side. If more are placed in the funnel, the result will be an increase in sales.

It is really no different from this. If Hive seems a massive increase in regular users, that can benefit Leofinance, a possibility that can lead to more people interested in LBI.

We are completing the first year of the LBI project. Since the introduction, this is what the value of the token has done. Keep in mind, this is the value based upon assets held divided by the outstanding tokens.

Here we see a chart from the Weekly Earning and Holding Report


As we can see, so far, there is a 73.5% gain in the value of the time. This does not, of course, include the dividends that started to be paid out in the middle of the year.

The holdings in LEO also show a similar trajectory.


In short, LBI is garnering a lot of LEO. This is a worthwhile play since we can see many of the facets of development under the Leofinance umbrella are being done to eventually feed value back into the LEO token.

Here is where LBI is primed to really benefit. This is something, if it comes to fruition, will make every LBI token holder very happy.

Of course, to be able to take advantage of it, liquidity is needed. One of the drawbacks to Hive-Engine right now is that lack trading volume. More users on Hive could help this issue.

Either way, we just keep building and amassing. As long as the development team consistently keeps upgrading things and adding more to the platform, we are patient. LBI is not meant to be a quick, overnight, get-rich scheme. Instead, we use a sound mix of activity coupled with sensible passive strategies to grow the value. Ultimately, real wealth is generated over time using the compounding effect. The only drawback to this is that "time takes time". We simply cannot short-cut things.

Nevertheless, as we near the end of 11th month of 2021, we are seeing a lot of things happening. While we focus upon LBI, there are other things happening which will help things going forward.

It is just a matter of waiting for the proper pieces to fall into place.

Year 2 of LBI will be even better than the first year.

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