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For the righteous fall seven times; and rises again, but the wicked will fall into disgrace. —Proverbs 24:16

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God has been faithful with my life, despite all the difficulties and my disobedience, even so, God blesses me.

I am writing to an older Daniel, maybe you are already 40 years old, or more, or you are 50 years old, the important thing is that what I will tell you, will be saved in the future.

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Daniel, Possibly you have gotten tired of trying and failed and I would understand, you led a very busy life, since we were 12 years old we have been going through difficult situations, and since we were 14 years old we have been working, yes, from the age of 14 I went out to look for work, an age that for many children they should be playing and others finished high school.


If you are already much older, surely You proposed to be faithful to God and you failed again, but don't worry, everything is temporary. and God forgives his children.

Please do not give up, life is full of difficulties and defeats, and many more things will surely happen, maybe bad, or maybe good.


But what I am 100% sure of is that God will never leave you alone.

Do not let discouragement fill your mind, there will always be something new to do, surely you are sitting without wanting to do anything.

So keep going, don't think about misfortune

Get up because God is with you and the reward is great.

that whoever keeps trying again and again succeeds, so try again and again. I the Daniel of the past, I know you are going to make it. and those who doubted it. They will realize that the greatest is the one who is with me and that is God.


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