Why Trump Became President

6 months ago
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Steve Bannon's mentions the notion of "barbarian management" which is an age old Chinese practice dating back to the beginning of civilization in China 4000 years ago. What the Central Kingdom has always done is buy off the barbarian leaders and keep them from acting against the Chinese interest that way. Bannon talks about that during the one-hour long interview.

Bannon also talks about how today's China is the only power in history that is simultaneously trying to gain control over both the Eurasian landmass and the oceans, which in this case means an effort to spread their influence globally. China is refraining from a direct military confrontation with the US. They're focusing on building their economic power first.

Bannon also mentions how support for Trump had a strong correlation to the degree of deindustrialization in parts of the USA.

This is an interesting interview and high-quality like Real Vision Finance's interviews always are. There's a lot of truth to what Bannon is saying here. The economy, international trade, and geopolitics are inseparable. China is going to have to challenge the US dominated international order as its economy grows and as it becomes increasingly dependent on raw materials overseas and international trade.