Warren Buffet Indirectly Investing in Crypto?

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To many who follow crypto they are aware that Warren Buffet is not a fan of crypto. Not so much that he outright speaks negative things about crypto as a whole. Yet here today there is news Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is investing in a Brazil Bank that is crypto-friently. The bank is called Nubank.



Nubank has 40 million customers and is consider currently the largest Latin America digital bank. Nubank head quarters is in Brazil and its main services are credit card, cash bank rewards program, and serve its customers as a digital bank. Presently Nubank is evaluated as a $30 billion company.

Berkshire Hathaway is purchasing a stake in the bank in the tune of $500 million. Nubank since its creation has always focused on being a tech company. With the recent acquisition of Easynvest the bank will soon setup the ability for their customers to directly purchase and sell cryptocurrency. This basically means the bank will also become a trading brokerage of cryptocurrency.

Money is money and where there is potential for more is in the crypto space. If Warren Buffet and/or his Berkshire Hathaway sees this it only gives further proof that cryptocurrency will thrive in the future and bring prosperity to those who are investing in them.

None of this is cryptocurrency investment advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks for reading.

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