Slim pickings today when buying

1 month ago
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So I decided not to sell today and have a walk round the local boot sale and see if I could bolster my stock.

It is a pleasure sometimes to speak to other traders and see how they are doing even though you have to take it with a pinch of salt,I did of course show of some of my castings to some of them but it was all about finding items to buy to sell.

I set off with just under a thousand pounds in my wallet but I cam home with most of it but I did pick up a few little bargains but the only silver items I managed where a napkin ring, a fruit knife and a Victorian silver groat.


The napkin ring I snagged for a cool pound under spot but the knife I bought for myself for £6 as it wouldn't close which I will look at in the future.


This was my most exspensive buy at £25 with a value of around £40 but I try look after my regulars and it found a home soon after below the value.


I can't say what it sold at but trying to squeeze every penny from every buy will make you bitter and you have to remember the people who buy from you are your friends as well as customers so you need to look after them and this goes for any business.