Autofarm's returns drop as Minting finishes

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What is Autofarm?

Autofarm is the leading auto compounding defi application on BSC. The CUB kingdoms were modelled after autofarm, and it currently has over $600m of TVL (used to be $800m+), as shown by its defi llama ranking below:


As can be seen there is a massive leakage of TVL from autofarm recently, this is because their autofarm coin, has finished minting, and no more rewards are provided for participating in pools.

Minting has finished

This announcement form autofarm summarises the autofarm situation, you now don't receive any rewards for investing in the pools, the only advantage now is that you don't have to compound yourself.

This has lead to returns on the autofarm vaults to be less than the return on directly investing.

Returns compared to CUB

CUB invests in similar farms, like pancakeswap, so its underlying assets are exactly the same.

I have a comparison website I am working on looking at returns on each platform, and the autofarm returns have dramatically dropped as there is no more platform APR reward, but still fees are taken out.


How can we attract some autofarm TVL to CUB

I am looking for ideas for being able to attract some of this autofarm TVL across to CUB. Perhaps someone with better journalistic skills than me can write an article, any other ideas you have please comment below, I am sure this community will reward you with any ideas and action that generates TVL and ultimately value for CUB holders.

Preview of yield comparison site

Its still under development, but I thought I would give a preview of the yield comparison site, features planned include:

  1. Sortable tables so you compare the same farm over different platforms, or just look for the highest yield
  2. filterable content, so you can just look at one asset
  3. historical yield comparisons, so that you can see how stable the yield has been

I will also be releasing a limited release NFT (which can be claimed for free.. apart from gas), which has no use case just yet, but my promise would be if I do ever have any smart contracts of my own, this NFT will give a boost of some sort to those smart contracts. There will be limited supply so more on that later.

Stay tuned.. its probably 2 weeks away before public release, but hopefully this will be a great tool so that people can optimise their portfolios

And don't forget comment below on ideas, or action you have taken to try to get the word out about CUB, and its superior returns to autofarm!

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