CUB Defi is on DefiLlama

3 months ago
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DefiLlama is a website that ranks defi platforms by total value locked (TVL). Its getting quite a bit of airtime with crypto youtubers, so I thought I would enquire on how to get CUB Finance listed.

Today, cub finance was listed on the platform. Its current rank is 61.


The total value locked, excludes any native token pools (i.e. CUB Kingdom, and CUB-BUSD/CUB-BNB farms) so it may be smaller than what you have seen. These are defillamas rules.

Lets Increase the TVL

Some of you may have seen, in anticipation of the listing, I am offering a 100 CUB in total as a reward for referring new money onto the kingdoms. You can see the details here

Also I mentioned that I will give CUB to new referrals to new accounts only, but if you are new, I am happy you refer yourself, so please visit the post linked above and comment the details of your deposit.

I am hoping we can increase our TVL, and maybe get in the top 50 BSC Defi apps.

One kingdom I think we should all try to encourage is the 4Belt. Its a table coin, currently earning approx. 15% APY, which is higher than the 10% on HBD, and HBD has managed to attract $28m of locked up value. Details of the 4Belt kingdom are below

Other listings

Whilst I do this in my spare time, if there are any other ranking websites, or other places you think CUB Finance should list please comment below.

The future

The ranking I showed above was the BSC ranking, CUB Finance in total is ranked 329th, mainly behind lots of ETH platforms. However, once the CUB Poly is launched, perhaps that can be rolled up into CUB finance, so that will help increase the overall rank. I can't wait for that to be launched, will be great for LEO finance, CUB and all the community.

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