CUB V2 Migration increases Rank of CUB finance

3 months ago
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Its quite interesting to see how rankings on dapp radar can move so suddenly

For those that haven't seen it before, is a blockchain dapp ranking site. It ranks sites based on their number of active users per day.

Here is the current BSC defi rankings:


As you can see CUB finance is 40th, and shown 164% growth. That's phenomenal growth for a platform with millions in locked assets.
However we all know that the reason for the growth was that everyone was migrating their V2 farms to V2.

Marketing opportunity

Despite the increase being artificial, perhaps its a marketing opportunity, to increase the awareness of CUB and attract more money.

The opportunity for this one has passed, but I am thinking with the next IDO, you may see quite a lot of user activity, so perhaps that's the time to make sure we are listed on all the Dapp ranking sites, and really pushing them as a way to get new funds.

Defi ranking sites

Another opportunity I have been looking at, is Defillama

This is probably one of the best defi raking sites I have seen. to list on defi llama means you need to build your own adapter and upload it to their github site, so if there are any developers out there, I think this would be great for the cub finance community to be listed on this platform, as its starting to get a following from youtubers etc.

Anyway, I am sure we are all looking forward to IDOs now that the CUB V2 migration has occurred. I still think there is time to get in before the fee free period ceases, so hurry if you haven't already, perhaps deposit more whilst its free too.

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