Free airdrops of established coins on dappradar

3 months ago
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I thought it might be a good idea to let people know, that you can be in the running for an airdrop form dappradar.
You can visit the following link

All you need is a BSC wallet, and an email.

What do you get?

You get a chance for $4 of a crypto currency (usually on BSC). There is usually 100 or 200 prizes on offer.

I don't know how many people enter, but I am guessing in the 1000s, so its probably less than 10% chance to get an airdrop. However its free and takes almost no effort so why not?

What to do if you win?

Well, its yours to do what you like, but I'm hoping you can exchange it for CUB or bLEO (since its on BSC). If we are lucky to get 10 LEO finance community members winning it, that's $40 of buy pressure every few days. It might not be much but everything counts.

Website track referrals too

Websites track who referred to them, so if you checkout checkout the airdrop form the link in this post, will be the referrer. Whilst this may not mean anything at all, if we start getting in their top10 referrers we'll start to be noticed.

So lets why not link your wallet and have a chance at a free airdrop, the current one FEVR, the next one is alpaca.

By the way, if you invest in the belt4 pool, you are indirectly investing in alpaca as the belt tokens use alpaca as one of their investments. its much better to have belt add their return on, and then CUB onto that, so put it in CUB Belt kingdoms rather than a deposit directly in alpaca. its usually better for you, and better for CUB too!

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