POB drives the growth of my entrepreneurship . With my income in POB I have bought several molds.!

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Hi Hi.!

My brain is more cook and sweet than anything else, I sincerely love sweets, desserts, breads, cookies and stop counting... I enjoy making them and seeing that others enjoy eating.

Listen to that: Mmmmm delicious!😋

It is a very pleasant satisfaction for me.😊


I tell you that many times, when I am in the kitchen, I go back to my beginnings in it. When I was young, around 14 years old, I already baked cakes, I had seen my grandmother and my mother prepare them many times. They were the ones who taught me basic details of baking, I, as a true apprentice, just silently observed, mentally drawing each step.

There are smells that transport me to such good times, like those of the classic vanilla cheese cheese, which my grandmother used to prepare for me on my birthday. At times like this, the thought arises that food unites us; the kitchen is magical.

For this reason, I have started in the equipment and creation of a small dessert business, where until now I am doing the following:

  • I have started the second week of a pastry course, the first week was based on "business model creation" and this next one is on "Food Handling Standards". I really like this course, because it is not simply about pastry, but also about how you can start and take a product from production to the stage of marketing and connection / establishment of customers.

  • Acquire molds and utensils of various sizes, especially for my cakes. This, because there are different tastes in terms of sizes and also, according to the type of celebration. With my last withdrawal of POB (100 coins, to be exact. ) they became an investment in molds of different sizes and shapes.

Note: I have withdrawn 100 coins and at the same time I have stacked 100 coins. This, to reaffirm my construction in two directions.

  • In full continuity of my previous goals in this thread, I can also add that my logo is on the right track. Too bad I'm such an indecisive person with these things!

  • Regarding the formation of the dessert menu for the week; I'm still evaluating and experimenting with this. The characteristics that will make the menu consolidate are: level of sales, acceptance of a certain product and preparation time.

  • Regarding my gallery, I am still forming it. This week that just ended, I took a good series of photos of different desserts and jobs that I did.

  • Regarding my Customer training. Little by little more people know my work and they are acquiring my desserts week by week. However, I can add that I do not consider myself a good salesperson, I am somewhat shy. But, it is one of the details that I have to solve little by little.


In the impulse and continuity of entrepreneurship work and reinforcing the second aspect mentioned above; and reiterating that it was with the coins withdrawn a couple of days ago in POB, I bought or invested in the following:

  • Different molds, including a set of 6 floors (special for exquisite birthdays and weddings); heart-shaped molds (special for dates of love, mother's day, father's day or perhaps a sweet gift from a lover). Take a look:



  • Bread tray and special mold for panettone/sandwich. For some time I had wanted a tray, its usefulness when baking is amazing. There, I can bake cookies, in addition to using it as a base for mini cakes, cupcakes...among others. Take a look:


  • Bain de Maria: It is a super practical pot, ideal for making cheeses, puddings and also, to make the Swiss meringue preparation that I love so much. Take a look:


Sincerely, Loves of a pastry chef🥰

I really feel very, very happy and really very grateful. I consider that I am going to good wind of way, forging little by little my small business. Maybe in the future it could be bigger than I imagine, the future is really uncertain.!

Here, I attach some photographs of my work during this week just ended:



I can add as an ellipsis, that I love my work on the platform as a content creator. But it seems to me the sane thing, to build in two directions; In this case, I have shown you my progress in the real world. I feel greatly blessed, because I think:

"If you love what you do, then it is never work; it is happiness and satisfaction itself..."

Live, Dream and Build!



Thanks for your attention, kindly: Ana Pialejo, under my username: @pialejoana.

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