African & Nigerian Richest Man Advises Nigerians To Invest In Cryptocurrency

8 days ago
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I personally was shocked when I saw this news because I know that Aliko Dangote is very close to the government. Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and richest man in Africa. With a net worth over $10 billion. He has lots of business all over the world. He has been known as being one of the capitalists in Nigeria as he has a lot of influence in the Nigerian economy. He is also known as a philanthropist and a man who doesn’t mind to share some of his business stories and give business advises when he gets the opportunity to.


He was present on one of the Nigerian’s favorite morning tv shows and talked about a new investment that helps him make money easily. He decided to get involved in this opportunity while he can. I’m sure the man has gotten used to being asked how he made his wealth, while we don’t expect him to give us full details of that, he didn’t hesitate to mention his new discovering. He talked about the importance of jumping into new opportunities and how that has helped him in building wealth. Then he talked about getting involved in cryptocurrency auto trading. How Nigerians can make money trading with the AI and making lots of money daily.

Being that the country is not economically favorable for a lot of people, the citizens have decided to direct their skills online. This has been lucrative for them, and knowing about the cryptocurrency auto trading, more citizens that had chosen to be ignorant and oblivious will consider cryptocurrency. This is because a lot of them look up to Aliko Dangote. It’s nice to see the man openly say this in public.

With this news I hope the number of Nigerians adopting cryptocurrency increases. Just few days ago I was told that the value of naira against the dollar has fall again. This is like a monthly routine for the Nigerian naira. I was unbothered because most of my money are not in Naira. I know better not to leave my money in Nigerian Naira.

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