Celebrating 1K LeoPower: Creating Content On Leofinance is A Healthy Habit For Me

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Yesterday I got mentioned by @vikbuddy to let me know of this collaborative content by @clixmoney, which is a new DCC initiative. This initiative is to talk about tribe tokens. I felt a little bad that I got to know about this initiative yesterday.


Due to some issues with my location, I find it hard to access the internet most times and this has affected my engagements. This was the main reason I didn’t know about the initiative. I’m so sure that if my internet was working smoothly I would have come across the content. So bare with me if you notice that my engagements on your posts have reduced, I will be trying my best to get a better internet service to continue engaging.

That’s just something I wanted to let you know, that’s not the main reason am writing this.

In the initiative we are to talk about tribe token and the tribe token chosen to be talked about is Leo and Leofinance. Coincidentally I was about to make a post on my leopower achievement of getting to 1k Leo power. So it seemed right participating in the contest while celebrating my 1k Leo power.


Why Do I like Love Leofinance?
First of all I love Leofinance because it was the reason I joined Hive. I have a sentimental attachment to it because it was love at first sight. Everyone that knows me know how much I love money and how much I love talking about money. Imagine doing what you love and engaging with people of the same interest. It’s an un ending acquisition of financial knowledge on Leofinance. I learnt about NFTs on Leofinance, I learnt about DEFIs on Leofinance, I learnt about Financial responsibilities on Leofinance.

Trust me they are a lot, I can’t keep naming all of them. I was having a financial conversation with a friend and he told me I know so much to be where I am, I was proud to tell him that I learnt all these from reading people’s blog on Leofinance.


Why Do I Love To Create On It?
Money and finance is the only thing I talk and think about. I love to acquire knowledge especially financial knowledge and dispersing this knowledge is the only thing that makes me happy. Every second I get financial news, Leofinance is the only place I want to share this knowledge. So creating on Leofinance is out of the love I have for financial knowledge. My day doesn’t feel complete if I don’t create on Leofinance, it’s a very healthy habit for me because it gives me a sense of purpose.


Who Do I Consider To Be The Best Creators and Curators On Leofinance
In terms of creators,it’s a tough choice because everyone I follow, I consider them to be a very good creator. My followings should be my best creators because I always love what I see. But I will like to appreciate @hodlcommunity & @vlemon for taking their time to sort out underrated contents and promote them. This has helped lots of newbies gain confidence on this platform especially me.

Then for curators, I have to mention them. First of all I will like to appreciate @onealfa.leo, this man is one of the most consistent and best Leo curators I know
, I feel honored whenever I get upvotes from him. His upvotes kept me going when I was very new and made me feel appreciated. @leo.voter will always be my best, who ever is handling this account is doing a great job. This person is consistent with upvoting almost everyone. How do you do it? I don’t know how am going to appreciate you for what you are doing. But you are the best. Delegating your HP to @leo.voter gives you Leo rewards everyday. So do the needful and delegate to this account please. @taskmaster4450 is one of the best creators and curators on this platform. The man is a blockchain genius. I don’t know how you can be active creating one of the best content on Leofinance, curate, and also promote on Twitter. This man inspires me everyday, whenever am feeling demotivated and want to have a rest day or day off, I think of him in the next minute, I feel fully motivated.


Why Do I Stake LeoPwoer?
First of all have you seen or known the team behind Leofinance? Those people are one of the most hardworking teams on the blockchain. Those people are always developing and creating ideas, I think they are one of the tribe creators with other projects outside Hive’s blockchain. I’m fully bullish on their developments especially the cubdefi. Staking is a big investment to me, and am investing in my future. Staking also gives me the opportunity to curate contents. I know the feeling I get when I get upvoted, so I will like to pass that feeling to other people. Hence my celebration for staking 1,000 Leo Power before my 6th month on Hive.


How Is Leofinance Helping The Hive Blockchain
Aside splinterlands, Leofinance is doing a great job in terms of promotion and marketing. I got to know about Hive through trying to register on Leofinance. With the projects the team has developed and have installed, we have seen lots of new Hive investors who knew about Hive through Leofinance.


How Do I See The Future Of Leofinance?
The future is definitely very bright and promising, this is because most Leofinance creators and curators are extremely passionate about the tribe. When there is passion towards achieving a common goal, then success is the only result.


How To Be Successful Here
It’s very simple, believe in the community, create quality content, curate quality content and engage. Most importantly don’t forget to stake.


Projects I Love From The Team
I love the Leodex because it has lots of features. It’s a decentralized exchange that lets you exchange your swap.Hive for hive engine tokens, it also gives you the opportunity to stake, unstake and delegate. It also allows you to see tokens richlist.

I will like to share this post Bitcoin vs Bitcoin ETF by @finguru where he gave a graphical illustration of how Bitcoin is way better than buying the Bitcoin ETF.

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