@Tipu's now earning me $36 an hour, and a few other thoughts from a @Tipu Curator

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You might have been hit with the @tipu curate command in the past, and received a nice upvote from the @tipu account.

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Run by @cardboard, @tipu is gamified curation on Hive - you can find out full details at the website here.

The way it works is that people can delegate their Hive to the @tipu account and receive a regular return for their delegation, currently just over 10% paid out daily in liquid Hive.

Thanks to such delegations the @tipu account is currently loaded up with almost 900K Hive Power, and regular Hiveans authorised by @cardboard, such as myself, are able to use the @tipu curate command in comments on posts to call the account to vote on the posts they choose.

You won't get a full 100% upvote, ATW my call command gives authors a 13% vote, worth around 1.65 Hive units, which is still larger than any but the top 200 hundred accounts voting with full vote weight, so it's still pretty respectable!

Gamified Curation

The 'game' with @tipu is to find decent posts early and @tipu them, posts that you think are going to get nice phat upvotes at some point in the future - by front running later votes with the @tipu account, @tipu gets higher curation returns, which allows it to sustain payouts to investors.

@tipu curators are motivated by receiving a share of 30 Hive daily (it recently increased from 10 Hive) and they get more Hive depending on how efficient their curation is.

@tipu ranks every vote by efficiency - which is a reflection of the size of the curation rewards going to the @tipu account - you need more than 100% efficiency to get a chunk of the daily TIPU reward pool.

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There is a league table and 'levels' based on curators' performance - the higher up you are the more times you can call the @tipu bot in a day! But most curators don't make the max use of the bot, presumably because there isn't that much opportunity to front run large votes.

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@Tipu's a decent earner

I've managed to stay above 100% efficiency for most of my time as a @tipu curator and managed to get at least one vote out per day (if you don't vote in a day, you don't get a pay-out!)

According to @abh12345 I've earned about 0.2 Hive per '@tipu curate' command, and OK that's only around 10 cents at Hive's current value but it takes me around 30 seconds to write the command and put a quick comment in along with it, the post I'd likely be reading anyway!

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So what's that $12 an hour.

And that's based on a share of 10 Hive, now that's up to 30 that's more like $36 an hour, if I can sustain

Oh, at this stage I'd like to apologise for the slightly click baity title - I AM earning $36 an hour with @tipu, but I can only 'work' for around 30 seconds to 2 minutes a day with Tipu, and the more minutes I work the more chance of my earnings falling, so it's rational to limit my 'work' (writing @tipu curate) to 30 seconds a day!

My two @tipu pet hates

Many curators just leave the command '@tipu curate' as a comment and that's it - personally I think this is just plain rude, and if it were my game I'd give such curators a warning, maybe two, and then block them from using the command unless they started putting decent comments along with the post.

I always try and leave at least a decent comment to prove I've read the post.

There are some @tipu curators who control other large curation accounts and abuse the @tipu game by calling tipu on the posts they then vote on with their larger curation accounts, guaranteeing them top spots in the leaderboard.

IMO this ruins the game for everyone else. Although I've already told @cardboard about this and he doesn't mind it as it brings in a return for the investors.

Personally I think sly people like this should be booted. It's a bit lame.

@tipu final thoughts and how you MIGHT be able to join in

I've enjoyed being a @tipu curator - it's a nice way of giving a boost to a wider range of people and it encourages me to vote more widely than I usually would and read around a bit more.

I just wish the lazy and the abusers were booted and the whole game linked a little more to meaningful engagement!

NB if you want to become a @tipu curator - I just literally asked @cardboard in Discord (link of the website linked above) and the man he say 'yeah', no idea whether new spots are currently open or whether it's that easy, or whether you'll be onboarded! All I can say is try!

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