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Today I came across a short video that @daltono posted on @threespeak through the @leofinance community.

Here is a link to the post.

@daltono is known for his graphic design and video editing here on Hive and continued that today with this hilarious meme today:

Daltono Hive Meme.jpg

What Was It About?

He discusses a little bit about Hive price, but also notes that there are other reasons to be involved with Hive other than money; something that I think we all need to remember sometimes. The idea that we can be a frontrunner in the push to a whole new way of approaching technology and social media is a very powerful idea.

I think that videos like this also help to show the depth of Hive and how many avenues of participation there are. @daltono discusses this in his video and talks about how there is so much going on that he isn't even able to scratch the surface of being able to do everything possible on here; we're all in the same boat and have to determine which platforms to put our effort into.

What I Liked:

This was a great video to me because it provided a very positive vibe for the community. When you are a larger account on Hive, it falls on you to set an example for others and to help keep morale high for the platform. @daltono did just this with his short video about how positive he was feeling about everything happening on Hive.

I also like to see people linking videos from @threespeak onto communities like Leo Finance because it shows newer users that we have a video platform that can be directly embedded into our posts here on Hive. When communities are involving other communities it helps show people some of that depth that I mentioned before.

With that, I declare @daltono an official Leo Finance All Star, well done!

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@mariosfame gif once again, I love it:
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@sgt-dan with this sick pic:

Dunk Social Whale.png

@gr33nm4ster made this awesome gif I needed to share, we thank him as well!:

video game gif DUNK.gif



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