Ledger vs. Treznor & Open vs. Closed Source Code: Backdoor Security Risk...?

2 months ago
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So, I thought the Ledger hardware wallets were the most secure way to hold crypto in this game...

Now, I'm not so sure.

It's been brought to my attention that their firmware code is NOT open-source. Which is cause for concern amongst some of potential backdoors being able to be placed into it. Versus something like Treznor, which uses open-source code - and thus has surely been publicly audited and verified as solid.

Anyone know more detail on this?

Are such concerns blown out of proportion or fully valid?

Seems odd that many consider Ledger to be the gold standard - in spite of this potential weakness. Thus, curious whether it's as big of a deal as some feel, or there are more details as to why it's rock-solid anyways.

Welcoming all input...