What's Up With EOS...?

2 months ago
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Not sure on the most appropriate community to post this in, so just throwing it in here...

What's up with EOS these days?


Last I glanced over things, I didn't see a whole lot inspiring happening.

Seems there were big hopes of Voice being a key development for the blockchain and larger crypto community. Yet as it took forever to launch, the excitement died quickly. And even though it has launched, absolutely nothing about it has captured my interest - nor has there been any word on the street about it.

While there were certain YouTube channels and sources in my peripheral for a while that had alot of excitement about developments on EOS, even they seemed to have grown quiet over time. And the last time I checked in on one of their regular check-ins, the energy seemed to have shifted quite a bit - and not in any sort of inspiring way.


Has anyone been keeping tabs on the development on and around EOS?

Are there still reasons to remain bullish on the project?

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