Price Chart Analysis of LEO Token

12 days ago
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It has been much too long since I did a review of the leo token price action.

Can you believe that it has been a year since this price data has been available? I remember having to do analysis on the 4 hour chart because there wasn't enough data yet.

It has been an interesting ride over the past 12 months that settled into quite boring price action for the second half of that.

LEO Token Range Bound


Atleast it is consistent....

When looking at the daily chart above you can see price has been stuck in a 15 cent range since May of this year.

With 34 cents being the upside resistance and 19 cents being the downside support.

Honestly, until price breaks one of these marks there isn't too much to talk about.

I supposed one could trade the range, but then you would need to keep a good chunk of LEO liquid and miss out on curation rewards and the like.

With all the projects in the funnel for leofinance maybe the token will get that catalyst to push through to the upside.

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