WLEO Price Completed a Full Round Trip Landing Back at Original Basing Price

2 days ago
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It has been some time since I did a WLEO price chart review, and boy was that a mistake as there were many clear opportunities to sell and then buy back much more at a lower price. Having more LEO would have been the result and in the end I always want more LEO related tokens.

Upsy daisy downsy wowsy!


Look at the fun ride we had on the WLEO chart. Things really took off late last year (with the rest of crypto) and then topped out with highs in March (lock many, but not all other cryptos).

From there the sell off began, we got lower highs in April and that set the tone for May at which point price touched the support line around 24 cents (on increasing volume, which is actually a good thing).

Now price has been consolidating the last couple weeks in between the 24 cent and 36 cent range.

Building a base here is welcomed as I'd rather not see price fall to the initial and lowest price base around 21 cents. It is only a few cents at this point, but it would just be another bearish type price movement to add to the list.

Basing here to make a run at 36 cents would be ideal.

It really depends on the overall market though. Odds are if BTC and Co. are going down WLEO will likely struggle too.

Leobridge and other catalysts from the leo team are a positive for the token, but still need growth before they can really buck the trend. Thus, I will keep my eye on the overall price action of crypto as well as I watch WLEO price.

Either way, what a wild ride the past 6 month, from bottom to top and back.

Long-term I'm a LEO HODLer so I guess this price action doesn't matter, but it is always nice to make some calculated moves to improve ones position and price.

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