Roadmap Update No Loss Lottery May, 2021

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No Loss Lottery Road Map with Updates May 9th, 2021

No Loss Lottery Road Map


No Loss Lottery Roadmap

Road Map Marker One: Product Launch May 2nd, 2021

So I have launched this product, and I am advertising it on a few of the largest Communities of Hive, which seem appropriate.

Status: Completed.

Road Map Marker Two: create second account: @nolosslottery

All funds go to this account, not my account, to prevent commingling of funds and increase transparency.

Status : Completed

Road Map Marker Three: Establish a Reserve

The purpose of the Reserve is to deposit funds into the interest earning account, which earn interest, but are not associated with a ticket.

The purpose is to boost the reward and incentivize participation, which will increase the probability of succes.

I deposited 500 BLEO.

Status : Completed

Road Map Marker Four: Establish a favorable reward risk ration for a single ticket holder with the reserve.

By depositing 1000 BLEO in the account, I make the reward much larger and early adopters benefit from a great chance to win and larger prize the the 110 entry tickets would provide. I think people can do the math and recognize a good opportunity.

Status: Completed

Road Map Marker five: Improve Earnings and increase size of prize.

The Cub Den pays around 106% interest APR. One way to increase the size of the weekly prize, is to change to a farm paying higher interest.

Plan: Move funds to another Farm paying higher interest after the first drawing May 9th.

Status: Soon Completed

Road Map Marker Six: Support Cub finance innovation LeoBridge by providing Liquidity to BLEO-BNB pair.

The most recent innovation is LeoBridge. Activity is currently capped at 3000$ value events. By providing Liquidity we allow Leofinance to raise the cap amounts and improve probability of success of the project.

Plan: Withdrawal Funds from Cub Den and deposit in BLEO-BNB Farm.

Status: Soon. Completed.

Road Map: item seven: The project is a centralized and requires trust in me. That has to change, so I will replace me with code. Then you can trust the code.

Plan: I will utilize Solidity Code compatibility resources to migrate copen source code smart contracts to Binance Smart Chain. Then we will hire code auditor. So in keeping with the standard set by @khaleelkazi the safety of investors funds is a priority.

Status: Planning and research stage.

Increase Reserve

I will contribute some of my Hive and Leo earnings to the reserve, as well as put my 5% of each prize into the reserve. This reinvesting of my profits will grow both the reserve and the prize faster.

It would be great other Leofinance or Hive Community members contribute to the reserve to help promote saving of Leo by the community as a way to reduce selling pressure and help increase the value of the token.
Thank you.

Status: waiting.

Last words

Those are my thoughts I will share now. I have other ideas for Pools or shared betting which I will announce later. for this project, but it’s one step at a time, so it’s done right.



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