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The inception of LeoFinance (formerly known as SteemLeo) was born out of a desire to bring new users to the Steem Hive blockchain. Our goal is and has always been to bring in new users to the Hive ecosystem so that our project and other Hive-based projects can flourish.

The idea for LeoPedia is to inform non-crypto and crypto users-alike about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space by providing an open-format educational resource that explains everything from the history of Bitcoin to the nuances of Ethereum DeFi apps or even the Hive ecosystem.

Think of it as an onramp to crypto, but the ultimate desire is to also onramp people into Hive and LeoFinance as the Hive experience is something that can greatly deepen the connection between human and blockchain.

I think all of us - as Hive users - understand what Hive has done for our crypto experience. Without Hive, what would we do each day in crypto? Refresh our token prices?

Instead, many of us have grown to enjoy a daily experience of blogging, chatting, engaging and connecting on a human level with this thing called blockchain acting as a base layer.

With LeoPedia, we can provide content/resources to people who are crypto-curious - casting a wide net to the broader category of people who are just waiting to be onboarded. While providing this information, we can encourage them to become more deeply involved by joining a site like LeoFinance and an ecosystem like Hive.

In short, the goal of LeoPedia is to educate, inspire and onboard. We want to put the principles of crypto in the hands of every individual and show them how a blockchain like Hive and a community like LeoFinance can radically change the way they think about their online presence.

What Kind of Content is On LeoPedia?

The best way to understand what we’re trying to do with LeoPedia is to take a look at the content that we’ve pre-loaded the site with. Obviously, we have a ways to go and the goal is to get thousands of articles like these that are created by passionate and intelligent community members.

One of the primary guides on LeoPedia is The Complete Guide to the Hive Blockchain. Our aim is to have thousands of guides that are similar to this for every aspect of crypto. A comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow means for people to educate themselves about the crypto industry.

As we spread awareness and knowledge about crypto, we also have our LEO Apps listed on the site — allowing for non-hive users and even non-crypto users to both learn about the vital aspects of the broader crypto space while linking them back to our Hive-based applications that can make their crypto journey more worthwhile.

How to Submit Articles to LeoPedia:

So far we haven’t done much promotion in the way of looking for authors to contribute to LeoPedia. We’ve had some authors from LeoFinance contribute to the glossary and a few other important aspects of LeoPedia, but now we have a new solution that is great for:

  • Encouraging more high-quality content on LeoFinance
  • Providing value to authors on LeoFinance
  • Populating the LeoPedia website with high-quality content

To submit something to LeoPedia, you just need to post to Hive as you normally would, but follow a few easy guidelines:

  • Your submission should be posted from the interface
  • 1 of the tags in your post needs to be “leopedia"

If your content is chosen, then you will receive additional rewards (on top of the normal LEO + HIVE author rewards for your post):

  • 100% upvote from @leo.voter
  • A bounty paid out in liquid LEO tokens (amount is determined subjectively by the curators based on the perceived quality of the content)
  • Your name featured in the LeoPedia article

Content is selected for LeoPedia by manual curation. We may select some entries and may not select others. The good news is that this is meant to be something additional to the normal author rewards that you would’ve gotten for your post anyways.

Create the crypto content that you love to create. While you’re writing your content, if you think that it has the potential to be a formal LeoPedia article, then consider the guidelines for submission. We won’t guarantee any number of articles actually getting chosen. LeoPedia is intended to be a highly targeted website. The articles on there should serve a very specific educational purpose.

This is why I just want to drive the point home that we’re going to be very selective with the curation of content for LeoPedia but regardless of getting chosen for LeoPedia, your post from will be manually curated by us. So as long as it’s a quality article and relevant to our community, you will get upvotes - LeoPedia approved or not.

Content may not be selected for a wide variety of reasons:

  1. Similar article already on LeoPedia
  2. Content is off-topic to LeoPedia’s target audience
  3. Low-quality writing
  4. Plagiarism
  5. etc. etc.

Again, your content will be curated like any other post on Hive. If your entry is accepted, then it will be featured on LeoPedia and you’ll receive a bigger upvote + bounty. If it’s not featured then you’ll get the same curation as any other post created on

Ad Revenue

As with all of the LeoFinance websites, ads are displayed in a minimal way toward the bottom of each page. Ad revenue is one of the primary influencers driving the LEO token economy - as our websites generate more attention, more revenue comes in as BTC and is used to burn LEO.

If you'd like to support the LEO token economy, consider turning off your ad blocker on our sites/turning off your Brave Browser shields.

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