A Few Cents, a Dollar and a Foundation

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I am quite enjoying this one dollar Hive price at the moment, as it means that at least for now, my curation returns are actually pretty significant. A lot of people seem to have forgotten about them, but what many don't seem to remember is that the price only matters at the point of sale. For the holder, earner and collector of Hive in the lows, one dollar is a pretty decent return.

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I average around about 50 HIVE in curation a day at the moment, which means it is worth about 50 dollars and while not completely passive, I consider it "passive adjacent" as voting is just part of my daily activities, so it isn't exactly considered work. Not everyone is so keen on curation however, since the return on it is only 10% a year or so, but I quite like it, as it encourages me to hold. This means that because I have been developing my count over the years, it has been compounding quietly in the background and if the high prices do come, it is going to be highly significant.

Price doesn't matter too much for curation earnings, as it is all based on vests and distributed in HIVE, but it does affect voting values. Currently, my 100% vote is creeping around $8.50 again, which means that while I am getting half the value, others are getting the other half. I think that is pretty cool, which is a huge part of the reason why I don't delegate my stake out, nor sell.

I would love it if over the years people had put more of their earnings into stake and distributed it to others doing the same, but once the reward window closes and the HIVE is allocated to a personal wallet, it becomes owned. An owner can do with it as they choose. Ownership is a key component of crypto and the future of the economy, so it is important for everyone to make their decisions with how they use their potential and making mistakes is part of that.

Some of the mistakes I have made include supporting people who ended up being quite ungrateful and rather toxic, because they made decisions that didn't pan out as they had hoped. Some of these decisions are the way they used their resources, others were in the way they chose to act. One thing people have to always remember on Hive is, you can do very much as you please as defined by the blockchain, but so can everyone else. This is actually quite the same in the physical world, as action is met by consequence and how we act is going to evoke reaction. Smile, you will likely get a smile back. Act like a wanker, you will likely get treated like a wanker. It isn't too hard to understand really.

I have a feeling that the next 5-8 weeks might be getting pretty intense around the crypto industry, especially for those on Hive, as it looks like there is going to be a flurry of activity. The timing of Splinterlands ight be on the money this December, as the open release might very well coincide with a high HIVE price and the crypto industry as a whole. There might be a lot of extra value floating around, looking for a home.

Hive can make a great home for many, especially as it could be a place where they are able to secure a percentage of their investments for usage, and be part of a growing community that seems to be continually branching out into other blockchained communities. It really could be the home of crypto, especially if some of those stable holdings gathered in the bull, start to buyback into projects in the bear.

For me personally, I am taking a hybrid approach with all things, meaning that I am going to be looking to the peaks to sell, but only in smaller percentages and then looking to stake it for return over the next few years. I want to keep building my HIVE holdings and I have been building over the last few months in the spikes and drops, but will want to sell a stack at the final peak and hold until I am hopefully able to whale-up in perhaps two years. I have other holdings of various tokens too and I will do the same (or drop some completely) to consolidate. And of course, I am going to keep looking to expand my business deliveries and maybe even look to find another position in the company I work for also.

As said, it is going to be an intense finish to 2021 I believe and it will hopefully make the relative runs of 2017/18 look insignificant. Of course they weren't, as it was a huge opportunity back then for people to get involved and then spend the next four years building their presences and resources in the crypto industry. Many didn't of course, as it just wasn't worth the effort and risk for pennies, so they waited for the next bullrun to get back in. People love buying the highs.

It is funny though - I have been looking forward to dollar HIVE for ages already and now it is here, it does feel pretty good, but I can't help looking a bit further and wondering how high it can go. I am terrible at predicting peaks, troughs and timings, but I do believe that it can go far higher than most people think it can and I hope that once that happens, people will realize how much potential there is going to be in five years from now too. I wonder how many opportunities people are willing to miss before they start investing into themselves?

For those who haven't seen market insanity before - make sure you find a way to rest well and control emotions so that the decision you make, will lead you to where you want to be. Fast wins might feel good, but consistent small wins add up fast. How you use your resources is your responsibility, but I hope that it will lead to long-term growth and stability for more of us.

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