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There is a very interesting situation that is arising globally. We are aware of how quickly cryptocurrency is spreading. Estimates had a bit over 120 million people involved in this industry to start the year. Now, we see there are over 100 million Indians using cryptocurrency.

In other words, the growth rate is tremendous.

Of course, most are piling in hoping their cryptocurrency moons. This is the main reason for Wall Street's attraction. Even Tesla is sitting on a doubling of its $1.3 billion original Bitcoin holding. Token go up is high on everyone's list.

Greed can attract a lot of players and this is exactly what is happening. Most are not concerned about what the values are tied to this. Ultimately, it is all about making money.

However, there is something that is hidden away which is very interesting.


Trojan Horse

Most of us are familiar with the mythological story of the Trojan Horse.

The story goes that, during the Trojan War, the Greeks built a wooden horse and filled it with some men. They pretended to sail away, leading the Trojans to believe it was a victory symbol. They brought the horse into city. Of course, the Greek soldiers exited the horse, opened the gates for the rest of the soldiers, and, as they say, the rest is history.

This is now a symbol for things not being as they appear. The "horse" is in plain sight but people simply do not see it for what it is.

With cryptocurrency we are seeing something similar. While everyone is focused upon token price and making money, there is another plot occurring. The fact that people are piling in, mostly based upon greed, is only adding to the overall move.

What is that move? It can be summed up by calling it "freedom go up". This is how someone phrased it in a recent YouTube video. Here, we see the essence of cryptocurrency captured.

Bitcoin was developed in a quest for freedom. The main idea was to free people from the clutches of the bankers. During the Great Recession, tens of millions suffered due to the actions of the bankers. In spite of the fact they torched the entire global economy, little was done to them. For this reason, the main premise of Bitcoin needs to be remembered.

However, even though most are overlooking it, simply by engaging upon the purchasing of the asset, people are helping to promote freedom. This includes the Wall Street crowd.

Isn't it ironic that the more popular Bitcoin becomes, the less they are able to control it? As it spreads throughout the world, ending up in more wallets, the ability to eliminate this as a path to freedom dwindles. Here is the Trojan Horse. The "Trojans" are focusing upon the financial whereas the "Greeks" are bringing freedom.

Beyond Bitcoin

Of course, Bitcoin is still the Big Kahuna. However, it is far from the only game in town.

At this point in time, it is best to always step back and look at cryptocurrency in general as opposed to just Bitcoin. While that remains a crucial aspect to our march forward, there are so many other tentacles that are furthering the cause.

Freedom is taking hold, something millions are starting to grasp onto. As stated, this is operating bigger than just a financial asset. It is actually disassembling parts of the entire tyrannical structure that were cultivated over so many decades (centuries?). Since we are conducting this in the digital world, it is happening at a pace never seen before.

We often speak about decentralization and distribution. These are becoming critical points as the governments of the world start to address this situation. It is best to remember those entities are not about freedom. Their main focus is to amass more control. Here is the core level of the entire conflict.

It is acceptable to let them think they are winning. The horse is already in the city and the troops exited. This is something they cannot change. Now it is only a matter of how quickly this spreads.

The near unlimited nature of the forum we are dealing with cannot be underestimated. Most overlook this simple point. All of this is occurring in the digital realm. Here we see near-infinite abilities. Many of the constraints of the physical world are no longer present. This equates into something that can spread globally in record time. It is also why governments, as they are presently constructed, are ill-equipped to deal with what is taking place.

Anyone who went deep water fishing knows that, as long as the fish is in the water, it has the advantage. The only way to have a chance is to get it on deck. One can spend hours wrestling with a fish in its environment only to lose. Eventually, as the battle continues, the fish will be able to get away.

Cryptocurrency is a major shark and governments are now wading into the ocean to confront it. Who do you think has the advantage? Sure, if it could take place on land, governments would be overwhelming. Yet, this is happening outside the environment where they excel. We get evidence of this by how they are operating. The reality is they have no clue how to approach this.

The last few days generated a great deal of excitement. We saw Bitcoin make new all time highs which, of course, gets a lot of attention. At the same time, the total market cap did the same thing. It shows how this run is more than just Bitcoin carrying things along.

What Goes Up...

We all know how markets work. They ebb and flow, going up for a while then reversing course. This is something that happens in all markets and cryptocurrency is no exception.

Pricing action is something that many follow. For this reason, we see a lot more volatility when the asset class is smaller. While the cryptocurrency market is growing, it is still tiny. Even with the new all time high, we are looking at a total market cap of less than $3 trillion. This is nothing compared to the hundreds of trillions that Wall Street operates with.

So while prices go up and down, freedom, as we are discussing here, does not. Once someone gains insight into what is taking place, that is never lost. Those who are able to see past the price moves and uncover how this is all a mechanism to spread freedom are permanently hooked. It can come in many ways but the bottom line is a new "evangelist" is formed.

This is where we see the growing base of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who do not leave regardless of what is happening with the market prices. They believe in the overall path, spending their time building, promoting, and helping others to see how this is changing lives. All of this is operating outside the existing establishment which is now trying to force its way in.

Not everyone is focused upon squeezing every ounce of ROI out of each move. Instead, they are taking actions to help communities build their own paths to freedom. Certainly, we all have financial responsibilities that need to be met. Helping one's personal finances is the first step. That said, it quickly needs to be moved passed. Operating at that level means that one will believe the "Trojans" actually have a chance in this battle.

They do not.

With each new entrant into the world of cryptocurrency, regardless of what the allure was, is another combatant in the fight for freedom. By supporting Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, we participate in the expansion, no matter how minor. As the numbers grow larger, it all adds up.

From many perspectives, the world is a mess right now. Governments are zealous in their quest for more power. On the surface, it looks like they are achieving their goal. However, do not overlook the battle that is taking place below the surface.

Cryptocurrency is a Trojan Horse and it affects a lot more than just the financial markets.

And the end result of all this is that freedom go up.

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