Hive-Engine Stake Based Multiple Tokens Dividend Share Script - Open-Source

1 month ago
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Hello Hives / Token Owners / Developers,
I hope this script might help Engine token based entrepreneurs to initiate their dividend share programs like BRO, TAN & other tokens currently process.
HERE YOU CAN FIND the dividend share script which will process any amount of tokens & their rewards between defined number of (given) token stakers.

How Does It Works?

  1. First, you need to install Node.js on your computer.
  2. Then add the file location (Download the Git repository)
  3. Change config.json file data. (Please refer to the ReadMe file of a git repository).
  4. Run npm install --save
  5. Then node app.js


I hope to find a free time to develop a code to share Liquidity Rewards To Diesel Pools & make it open-source.
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Stay Safe & Enjoy

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