Comparing Tribe Curation Rewards

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Curation rewards vary dramatically tribe to tribe. One factor is if the tribe is linear rewards but the most important factor is how much stake is voting. The tribes I know that use linear rewards are leo, stem, pob, cine, ctp, and vibes. The rest I believe are some type of curve that prioritizes earlier voters.

That being said, you can use my Hive Engine Tools to calculate curation rewards for the top curators in each tribe. I think you will be surprised at how much they vary.

Leo Finance (Linear Rewards) - ~17.26% APR

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.06.25 PM.png

STEMGeeks (Linear Rewards) - ~127.67% APR

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.11.46 PM.png

POB (Linear Rewards) - ~515.46%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.14.26 PM.png

Pal - ~0.51%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.17.17 PM.png

Cine - (Linear Rewards) ~159.76%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.19.54 PM.png

Archon - ~76.44%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.21.08 PM.png

Vibes (Linear Rewards - ~202.64%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.23.22 PM.png

CTP (Linear Rewards) - ~38.53%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.25.06 PM.png

Splinterlands Talk - ~16.52%

Screen Shot 20210425 at 9.26.59 PM.png

As you can see each tribes potential curation rewards vary greatly. These are just one sample from each of the tribes of large stake holders, and may vary based on how efficiently they use their voting power. To put things in perspective, most curators on Hive earn 8-10% APR in curation rewards.

If you want to check if a tribe is Linear Rewards, you can use the Tribe Config tool under Hive Engine Tools.

Curation rewards will vary as more users start or stop actively voting in a community. Hard Fork 25 brings major changes to curation on Hive and will likely greatly shift the typical curation rewards for the average user.

Participating in tribes can be quite lucrative, but keep in mind they usually have low liquidity and it is frequently difficult to sell tokens without quickly reducing the price. All calculations assume selling at the bid price and not the ask resulting in a more accurate representation typical for someone selling tribe tokens.

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