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If you are smart when it comes to money it does not necessary have to come to risky investment or keeping huge of money in the bank. No matter what your current status is you still can plan your spending. You can start by having a plan on how to priorticize your spending, after then you can work on settling your outstanding debts, and increasing your savings.

Have a financial target. If you have a target of what you are working towards to achieve will always motivates you to do more. Make your targets according to your scale of preference and work accordingly.

Check your income every month. If you have a smart plan, your expenditure should not extend your income. Begin by having what you have gained in that month documented. Including every other money you realized within that month. Also calculate your daily expenses for that whole month.
After all the calculations make sure the expenditure doesn't overshadow the income. Although unforeseen situations that will require spending might happen but don't spend on unnecessary things.

Those expenses that you really know are neccessary make sure you calculate and document them. If you want to really have a well succeed business budget you should not shy away from the necessary spending. And settling them off should be the most important thing to do because aside the fact that they are necessary they really need to be paif because they can spoil the real budget of they have accumulated.
To make it even more easier, if you know you are capable on paying them regularly you can just set the payment on autopay, so it will be automatically be deducted.

Always look out for the unnecessities to reduce. If you already have a plan it will always give you an insight to which expenses to reduce or cut out totally. If you Invest in a coffee pot or mug, for instance, it can help you reduce and to always save more.
Don’t overlook your outstanding debts
Look at things like insurance policies, and check if there are places you can remove. If you are paying a certain amount on insurance before, you may opt in for another more favorable policy.

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