Some of my students could use your help (ideas for how to add value to the Hive community)

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I am teaching two entrepreneurship courses this semester -- an honors seminar entitled Entrepreneurial Value Creation in Society (this is my 7th semester teaching this course) and a new ‘experimental’ course entitled Blockchain-Based Entrepreneurial Venturing.

The ‘experimental’ course is a 1-credit-hour course that may be expanded (next semester or next year) to a 3-credit-hour course entitled Entrepreneurship & Technology (or something similar).

My students in the ‘experimental’ course are all majoring in either Marketing, Finance, Business, or Agri-Business.

Each student is required to work on a semester project that must “add value to society, via the Hive blockchain.” Merely creating original content is not enough. Their projects must go beyond merely pursuing basic author/curator relationships.

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As such, I am seeking creative ‘project’ ideas to pass along. A couple of students are considering creating a new community that they could promote either within Hive or as an onboarding effort. One student is interested in exploring something related to the social dynamics associated with blockchain technologies and crypto. However, some students are struggling to come up with any meaningful project ideas. I am allowing them to start small if they want (e.g. start with a simple engagement contest) and I will allow them to switch projects mid-semester if they hit a dead end or fail to gain enough traction with their initial project. The main focus of the class is to get them engaged in ‘doing something’ that has the potential to create value for others, and to promote their experiential learning as they journey through that process.

In addition to creating and managing their semester projects, they will also be required to periodically post updates regarding their progress and lessons they are learning along the way.

Although none of my current students are in STEM-related majors, I welcome STEM-related project ideas also. As I alluded to above, the School of Entrepreneurship is interested in the possibility of expanding this course to more broadly address technology issues within the context of entrepreneurship. As such, STEM or technically-oriented project ideas could also help shape the direction of that future course.

Also, feel free to DM me on discord (trostparadox#8559) if you might be interested in helping with prize pools for any contest ideas they might pursue.

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