Apeing into Bloktopia

1 month ago
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Here is a project I just aped into.

Meet Blocktopia:

As you can see from the video, it is some metaverse skyscraper virtual reality BS crypto thingie.

Ahhhhhh.... I don't know, I am too old for this shit. But it looks like a perfect trap for all those crypto idiots pumping silly projects like there's no tomorrow.

I haven't done much research to be honest, so this is purely a gamble!

But there are rumors that binance listing is coming soon... But it could probably be just that. Rumors.

I threw about 1,000 bucks and I will get out in the first good opportunity. For now the project isn't listed on any big exchanges, other than kucoin, so there is plenty of potential.

In case you wonder, I heard about them from this travala announcement:


NFA, yada yada yada.

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