BixieInfinity Airdrop !

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Here's an airdrop you probably don't want to miss!

Meet bixie infinity. It's like Axie Infinity but for BSC:


Just register with an email and your BSC adress to receive one free monster and 50 BXS, the native currency!

Don't forget to use my ref link, I would appreciate it a lot cause I am poor and I have 15 kids to feed:

Btw, look at this cutie I got :)


Happy milking!

What is Bixie Infinity ?
Bxie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that has been forked from the popular Axie Infinity nft game on Etherium. However, Bixie is based on Binance Smart Chain, and similarly aims to build a metaverse game world on BSC. On bixie, players can earn crypto by playing the game and collect Bxies by breeding.

Unlike AXIE which is too expensive (especially for beginners!) bxie uses the BSC network which has a much lower gas fee. Furthermore, it doesn't require installing any client. As a result it offers a cheaper, easier and much enjoyable alternative!

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