Would you support this Leo idea ? Input needed.

14 days ago
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Here's a silly idea I had for Leo for awhile but I keep postponing.

We all know and see how khal works his ass off to make us rich and I think this could help a bit towards that goal.

So, my idea is simple. I create a second account that makes one post everyday. The post will be pretty much the same everyday with some numbers changed, and it will essentially be a filler to pile up on Leo inflation.

Once enough Leo is gathered, I go out, find a small and cheap yet reputable exchange (e.g. mercatox is imo goodish and eth listings are super cheap last time I checked) and use that Leo to pay the listing fee to get Leo listed. Probably in the form of wleo or bleo since the actual Leo will be hard if not impossible to be listed. Or maybe cub. Or maybe start with Leo, then cub, then Leo again etc. Or just cub since it's a "universal" token with no pegs.

I am ok btw not holding the actual funds if you like the idea and simply doing the hard work (posting and contacting exchanges). We can find somebody else to be the fund gatekeeper. ^_^

I think overall it's a simple yet effective way to use a small part of the leo inflation towards our advantage.

Anyways, that's a very generic "draft" of what I have in mind. Let me know if you would actually support something like this (with your daily or occasional vote), if you have any suggestions in mind or if you think my idea is retarded.

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