Bear market protection

1 month ago
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Yo, in terms of bear it is always good to have some fiat in the bank. Besides this, what is worth to hold? That's always are really difficult decision.

No financial advice on that, it's only my random opinion. So be always careful.

Splinterlands: Holding cards is IMO not stupid at all. Because there is no one that can dump the price to 0. Cards are really limited. Also, i would compare that cards not to crypto ( on the mainside), more to Magic the gathering, Pokemon and so on.

Because of the limitation, I think they should even in a bear hold some value. + Renting returns + airdrop, not the worst hold in a bear.


In terms on how heavy bear could come, it can be better to sell out or not. Really really difficult because airdrops add utility.

Can be winter pain. Can be also super pump.

So I would say it's the same hold Bitcoin or sell bitcoin ( same category).

On fundamentals, best crypto. But fundamentals are not that important in crypto in terms of fiat value.

HE tokens

Hold because I don't care that much.

Other Tokens,

Balance Balance Balance. Some hold and forget ( even in bear hit).


Please do something. And stop announcing into do nothing into next announcement. Simple put date out and we are good.

Does it mean we are in bear now?

Nope, to be honest, I don't know.

In terms of volume decline, possible we see a saylor squeeze. Whales cant sell without dumping the price to nothing.

There was a lot of hype. People shilling shitcoins and so on. Bear would be a healthy clear-out.

But, never bet against a bubble, a bubble can stay much longer than you think. And you miss out or get rekt.

The only way to protect against a whale panic move is to balance the risk.

Some last words to stablecoins,

It can be also best to ignore everything and hodl. The worst-case could be Tethers 75 Billion USD are worth nothing or regulations stop them from operating in swift system or exclude a lot of countries.

If we are conspiracy people, best thing for govs to stop crypto is squeeze saylor and show how dangerous crypto is into banning stablecoins. It doesn't mean that happens and I also don't think the priority on that topic is that high, but that would be a really effective way.