FUD in life

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Last 18 month was crazy.

The lockdown and money printing, Inflation, censorship, energy FUD, Crypto Bull Run, Crypto FUD and correction, and so on.

Every News today includes FUD. Because Fear sells.

We are in a weird time. The loudest becomes the attention.

It is crazy.

Besides crypto, everything goes a bit crazy to a maximum of craziness. Freedom is today a rare thing. Freedom of speech too.

Economy talks are full of fake news, wrong numbers, and FUD.

For example, If they print money like hell and if the economy on currency level is the same after covid, it isn't the same. The buying power is much different.

prices spike on everything. On some goods lower, on some more Insane.

Money loss so much value and will loss more in my opinion in the next months to years.


I think influencer and clickbait FUD has become a powerful tool to control. Control opinions, prices, directions.

And the attention comes never to people that say " it is all ok". Always on one side of 2 extremes. From normal FUD to advertisement FUD. Pay people and WEB2 for spreading FUD. Holy shit, why people accept it?

Own the media = pay the media

About Hive and Freedom of speech

We have with Hive a powerful tool, for freedom against FUD. With 3speak video hosting will become real in a decentralized way. Internet connections become faster and faster, so I think it could work very well.

3 speak would enable every web2 app in combination on Hive. from Youtube, Tiktok, and so on ( from the side of storage).

So normies can connect easily in a way they like.

I don't want only to mention 3speak. Hive Engine works on real SMTs, awesome. This will also allow hive to be much more dynamic.

And there are also a lot of other Dapps doing a great job.

Hive will be at some point a real alternative to ALL web2 apps. And it will be better to choose because the other will spread fake news for money and censor comments, news, or other opinions if wanted.

It is nothing less than save freedom of speech in the long run.