What is your personal goal at HIVE?

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We know that there are several types of users, each with its own characteristics, and that the emergence of tribes was precisely to try to unite people with common interests.

But beyond interests, what is your main objective in HIVE?

Even with 5 years of life (yes, we are no longer on S*****t, but the vast majority came from there), we still have a very low number of users compared to the big social media. But we have the factor that they don't have of decentralization (even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes) and of reward for our opinions.

With that in mind, I started to question myself what the real goal of the vast majority here is.

I'll put myself as an example.

At HIVE I have already accepted that I will never do PowerDown. It's much more profitable for me to make quality posts than to take out the nearly 1700 HivePower I own. 130 Hive per week is possible by producing quality content and creating connections between users.

At LEO I am a great admirer of publications. A lot of things I didn't know or knew very little about, I learned by following LeoFinance's publications. When DeFi boomed with one scam after another, I was already prepared not to fall for these scams, as I had read several articles learning how to identify.

POB needless to say, fortunately it was the tribe that I managed to grow the most and create something of value as PobTalk is, and I really believe in this tribe in the long run, since the turmoil has passed, even though I disagree with a lot that is still present, I prefer not to put gasoline on the little ember and look straight ahead, hoping that the ember will go out soon. Fortunately we have people dedicated and focused on the growth of POB, such as @onealfa.pob, but who have no professional obligations like you and I and if he decides to leave the community one day, it will again be a huge turmoil for survive.

There are several other tribes that I'm just a mere spectator or holder such as CINE and BROADHIVE that have an amount of stakes that I don't know what to do. (I even accept opinions from someone who is curating and wanted my Power delegation to these tribes).

What about you? What is your goal in HIVE? Accumulate money? Create connections? Just post occasionally, withdraw the money and add a little happiness that day to your life?

All answers are valid as each user is unique. I believe that we are building something huge on web 3.0 and that as we are bigger than in 2016/17 we will be even bigger in 2026/27.

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