Retrospective Look At My Old @splinterlands Investment Claims + 43.16% Instant Profit Through Arbitrage Trade + Best of My Wisdom and Strategies for Future

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Lately it has been very difficult to even keep up with the developments going on on HIVE related projects. There are so many new things popping up and @splinterlands among all of them are having an absolutely phenomenal time in every single way.

I Called DEC As "Safer Than AAPL"

I have trouble finding the articles I have written. is still not in a great shape. It is better than nothing and has helped me immensely. We have to consider the fact that building a great search engine is extremely difficult.

PS: After some trouble I did manage to find the article which you can read here.

Not only I stand by my word that DEC is a Safer & Better investment than AAPL(Apple Inc), I would double down on my words and call it a better investment than Gold.

This Was When DEC Was Falling Below $0.004

IIRC, DEC went below $0.003. I was buying more and more and more and more during the complete fall of price. Look how things are doing even after falling hard from all time high:


Don't Forget The Volume

These are nearly 20 times higher volumes and 15 times higher prices. These are bold claims made on blockchain coming to become true realities in an year. The article referred above was written July 12th, 2020

Don't Forget The Arbitrage

This is one of the oldest tricks in my book. I have been telling people about it and if you have followed my tips, you should have had double digit percentage gains (after taking all fees into account) for few minutes of work without going into any fancy technology.


43.16% Instant Profit

If you have followed me in the old days, you should remember how this trick work. You first deposit some funds to

STEEM Deposit.png

Then you go there and put some small sized orders for DEC. As you can see, I have been collecting a decent amount of DEC following my own advise. I don't repeatedly post the same thing. That would ruin the excitement. I also prefer to give away fresh wisdom and news.


If you want to save up 2% (withdrawal from STEEM-Engine followed by deposit to HIVE-Engine), simply go to and use the dashboard to move DEC. This is a DEC exclusive trick to move funds without fees.

Do Not Forget The Snow Flake That Triggered The Current Bull Market


That is a quite significant amount of liquidity for a freshly released Token. We are seeing some solid trading volume across many exchanges for SPS and DEC. had the best trading volumes:


SPS-ETH pair also had nearly $60,000 USD worth volume. Those numbers are dwarfed by what we are seeing here. Let's compare with some familiar names:



HIVE is only having such great volumes because the price went up over 50% today. Such massive moves are going to invite a large amount of trading volume. I rarely see HIVE performing significantly higher than STEEM in terms of trading volume. (I do have to admit that I don't check these numbers as often as I used to as I have mostly given up active trading).

Anybody Remember Buying Land Plots For $10

The presale offered quite large discounts. The best part was 1000 DEC was treated as $1 while 1000 DEC was 85 cents or even lower in market. The average price I paid for a Praetoria Land Plot was definitely below $15. Those who had enough funds to buy Regions had far bigger discounts, I could hardly believe they paid $10 in average per Plot if they knew what they were doing.

Look At The Prices Now


These are still prices fallen far below ATH. This is not only unreleased but also a delayed expansion to @splinterlands. I was expecting $100 after the game released these for real. There are those who bought 1000 or more at once. Here is what I managed to salvage for myself:


Congratulations to anyone who managed to invest early and wisely! You made a bold move and succeeded on it. You deserve a good reward :-)

Skins Could Be The Next Big Thing

This is a website for CS;GO skins. You can find many others like this. Keep in mind that these are not NFTs and these could be produced infinitely and confiscated and changed by developers of the game if they wanted to. I don't think Valve would want to try that out. That would be bad for business. Technically speaking thoguh, it is all a possibility.


Few Words About @splinterlands Skins

  • Extremely low supply
  • Cannot be traded on market yet
  • Currently no perks for using them
  • Nobody is paying attention to them

Does anyone remember something similar we used to have? Does Gold Foil ring any historical bells? It will be very easy for developers to add a simple DEC bonus for Skins. On top of all that, the current set of "Splinterstorm" skins are the first set of skins ever released on the most popular blockchain game on the planet.


Buying Epic Skins.png

I Only Need To Buy Rare Skins

I have been collecting funds for that over a long time. One of the more incredible recent developments is that DEC print rate has gone through the roof with the market price increase. I can win 100 DEC per Battle when I win.

DEC Earnings.png

These are some of the best of my wisdom I can share at the moment. It took some time to gather all the thoughts. If you find these helpful, don't keep them to yourself. Share them and let the others know. I'm risking many opportunities by telling the world about them. It should not be harder than it is for me to share these details.

Happy Investing!

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