CoC Dungeon Clear and NFT Drop !

1 month ago
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Hello HODLers and gamers,

As most of you know I am playing and earning in a game called Crusaders of Crypto.
You can earn daily by clearing dungeon with their new tier system, with 1tn token I am entitled with at least 1 drop on my first clear of the day !
These can be sold on the marketplace or back to the vendor for 0.05BNB.

Check my other videos about this game to know more.

There are also different ways to earn DAILY with Crusaders of Crypto:

  • 5% Trade reflection paid in BNB
  • Daily RUPEE Clear
  • Daily Expedition (CRUSADER + potential NFTs)
  • NFTs and/or extra RUPEE drop during a clear
  • Weekend events (0.1 BNB to Top 25 scores)

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