Our Cub is Growing Up, Are You Ready?

9 days ago
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Exciting news from the Leofinance team, the upgrades and fixes they have been programming and testing are ready for release... Tomorrow.

(When soon becomes now)

another template

The announcement tweet.


Benchmarks for where things are before the bridge!

at the time of this post.


I'm really excited about Cub and even at current prices I am doing well. When the Cub price begins to crawl up in combination with the LEO price and compounding interest it is going to be an amazing thing to watch.

Here is 3 hours of earnings at current prices. With a fairly small initial investment.


Defi is a big deal and everyone is getting in hype does matter. So, talk about it, Tweet about it and Post about it.

CUB has a great team with a track record of adapting to market conditions and handling any negative conditions.

CUB is young and ready to mature in to a powerful young lion.

CUB provides the opportunity to earn while you sleep.

CUB has low fees and high rewards.

What are some other talking points?

Let's watch our CUB Mature.


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