Being shameless can be amazing...

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Remember when I helped my nephews make a Piggy bank to get them started on a financial realization? Well, I have an update on that and it's quite fascinating.
At first, I thought I would have to take charge and always remind them they had a goal for the end of the year, but the result has been quite impressive.

They've been proactive and have managed to bully everyone who comes over to get involved with their savings.

Times have changed, at least from what I have noticed with my nephews' growth. People hardly give gifts to kids anymore. The kids hardly experience what I had as a child when a visitor would come over and give everyone some money before leaving.

These days, when a guest comes over, it's usually because they want something for their mother and they never pay any mind to these boys, so they have to result to asking.

I remember the first time I saw them do it with their mom's friend and I was like "my boys are good!". They walked up to her male friend and told him "we have savings and we want your money". He was surprised, but he caved in.

They did it again to my brother when he came over some weeks ago and sometimes, they tell their mother to let go of any change in her belongings and invest in their savings.

I love how they get into it. It makes me happy.

Sometimes, you have to ask

Asking has always been one of the things I haven't gotten accustomed to. I have issues bringing down my invisible Pride to ask for help. It bothers me.

I'm proud of my nephews but I can't help realize that I can't do what they do. I can't ask for money. It's one of these things I feel I ought to always have. They're young so I guess they have the right to be shameless. I'm still proud of them though.

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