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One of the world's largest online stores is getting set to fully endorse crypto payments.


In the recent news (maybe not so recent) eBay stated that they have now simplified the process of NFT sales on their site for selected users. This comes about a week after the CEO stated that the online store will soon integrate cryptocurrency payments as well.

Eventually, when eBay starts accepting crypto payments, they would get on the list of well-established stores accepting cryptocurrency.

Online Stores Accepting Crypto

On the list of these online stores, we have like:

  • eGifter
  • Shopify
  • Overstock
  • Pizzaforcoins
  • Gyft

These are stores offering similar services as eBay that are currently accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Asides from these, Amazon does not directly accept crypto payments, but you can buy Amazon gift cards on Bitrefill and use these cards on Amazon.

On Aliexpress, payments can be made with Bitcoin debit cards.

This leads us to the final part:

How to make payments in cryptocurrency

I've never bought anything in crypto. However, I don't think it'll be rocket science. And I don't exactly think rocket science is entirely impossible either.

Cryptocurrency payments are made as easy as transferring crypto from one wallet to another.

  • When you're done shopping, you get your total.

  • Among the payment options, you'll see the wallet address.

  • Copy the wallet address and paste it on your wallet.

  • Type the exact amount you wish to transfer and click 'send'.

It's as easy as ABC.

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