How much greed is actually greedy?

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I recently read about the fear and greed index. The range from 0 (extreme fear) to 100 (extreme greed) that's dependent on seven variables.


I consider myself a greedy person, however, my level of greed doesn't get to a 100. I think.

Although I have a fear of spending money, due to my need to not be broke, I also have a habit of spending some money to prove to myself that I am not broke.

Okay, pause, I spend money often, I just 'spend' on other assets that are not to be touched anytime soon. Like the Cub I got and staked a few days ago.

I needed something a couple of months ago, I gave myself 5 months to save up for it. This was when I had that deadbeat job paying me peanuts. I hated the job, but I was willing to work, given the continuance of the contract, for 5 months just to have what I needed.

The month I agreed to wait for 5 months, my brother showed me some money I had that I didn't even know I had. But me being me, I still was uncertain about spending on this thing I needed so quickly.

When things got a bit choked at my job and I still had my need, I looked at this money I had set aside for absolutely nothing. It was three times the price of what I really needed to buy. I had no use for it, at least none that I knew of.

I still felt scared spending it. I love having money, you know.

Anyways, before I quit my job, I got the thing I really needed to get. Not only that, in barely a week after getting it, I made back the money I spent.

There are many levels of greed in handling finance, I think. As much as I love having money for absolutely nothing, I hate to suffer.

That being said, I recently declined a job offer. This would have been in a better work environment and with almost 3 times the pay of my first job, that's almost $200.

I was a bit terrified when I declined the job offer. I am greedy, you know. I don't mind working 7 hours every day for 5 days just to make some extra money, while I suffer for another 7 hours at night, to make that same amount at my home job.

However, that leaves no extra room for growth on the professional and personal level. At every point in time, I would be on a tight leash with deadlines constantly lurking above me.

This begs the question, 'how greedy could I really be?'

Well, I don't know. I'm still getting to know that for myself.

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